I had a week off between jobs one January and thought I would give Venice a try. I was greeted by cold weather but clear blue skies and I felt like George and Amal as I arrived by water taxi (I’m pretty sure theirs was better than mine though).

Venice is a great place for a city break. There is just so much to see and explore. You do need to be comfortable with walking quite a bit though and a lot of it feels like a maze. I stuck mainly to the key tourist spots (this was one break where I didn’t even feel ashamed of it) as I kept ending up in random streets that didn’t seem to go anywhere. Two years later I went back with work and a colleague who used to live in Venice- wow, what a difference it makes having someone who really knows it with you. No more tourist-only restaurants for me! Although the water smelt a little worse in May than it had in January…

Anyway, back to my solo trip. My favourite spots were the Rialto Bridge (at night), St Mark’s Square  and the Basilica di San Marco – totally touristy but I loved it anyway (and not too crowded in January). It’s quite a romantic spot of course but if you start to feel a little low about that, just look out for those arguing couples, or the ones not talking to each other. Then skip away with a smile on your face.

Get to know the Vaparetto routes- they are not as difficult to navigate as they might first seem. Take one over to Murano which is beautiful to walk around, even if you don’t make it to the glass factory.

Venice might apparently be under water in the future (!) so don’t miss out!

Stayed at: Hotel Da Bruno  (2/5: their single room is like sleeping in a small but noisy coffin)

Ease of getting there: 4/5

Overall enjoyability as a solo holiday: 4/5


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